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Trust-protection solution: Solo self-employed persons may also use the Corona emergency aid for private purposes

May the Corona Aids also be used for private purposes? This is a question many solo freelancers have been asking themselves lately. So far, the Federal Government has answered this question with no: the aid is only intended for current operating expenditure. It referred the persons concerned to the basic provision (unemployment benefit), which, however, cannot regularly be claimed retroactively.

Contrary to the ideas of the Federal Government, North Rhine Westphalia is now introducing the so-called “trust solution” in order to provide better support for self-employed persons in the corona crisis.

According to this, all affected persons who applied for Corona emergency aid in March and April, but none on basic security, are allowed to spend a sum of 2,000 € to finance their private livelihood. This is a quick and fair solution for all those who need financial support in times of the Corona crisis. In any case, better planning security is now guaranteed for all those concerned.


Corona aid for founders

Since 13.05.2020, companies founded after the previous cut-off date of 31.12.2019 can also apply for Corona emergency aid in NRW. This now also facilitates state aid for young entrepreneurs in particular so that they do not suffer too great a disadvantage in the Corona crisis.

The essential prerequisite for the subsidy is that the company has got into a corona-conditioned emergency situation through no fault of its own and has already offered its goods or services on the market before 11.03.2020. In more concrete terms:

At this point in time, sales must already have been generated, at least one customer order must have been placed or a long-term or permanently recurring operational payment obligation must already have been entered into, such as a lease agreement.

The application can be made with the help of a tax advisor. We are happy to do this for you and advise you on any questions that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact us!


Corona compensatory payment for health care providers

As a result of the corona crisis, many health care providers, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists or speech therapists, are experiencing a loss of revenue resulting from the failure to treat their regular, legally insured patients.

To accommodate this, there is now a new protective shield for such healing practices. This is based on the “Ordinance on the Compensation of COVID-19 Conditional Financial Burdens for Health Care Providers” of the Federal Ministry of Health. The Regulation entered into force on 5 May 2020.

Accordingly, practice owners will receive a compensation payment in the form of a one-off payment of 40% of the allowance that they settled with the statutory health insurance companies in the 4th quarter of 2019. Such practices that were approved between 01.10.2019 and 31.12.2019 will also receive 40% of the remuneration billed in the fourth quarter, but at least € 4500. In the case of admission from June 2020, the compensation payment is 1500 €. Outpatient clinics in hospitals also have a claim, provided they have a licence in accordance with § 124 section 2 in conjunction with section 1 SGB V.

However, the payment must be taxed. It is assigned to the account “other entry”.

If no settlements were made in the fourth quarter of 2019, there is no entitlement to a compensation payment under the current rules. This is not planned for this case and so far the health insurance companies are not expected to make any exceptions.

Moreover, the payment does not apply to revenues from private services either, since the funds are paid from the compulsory contributions of those with statutory health insurance.

In addition to the compensation payment, the new regulation also provides for a hygiene flat rate which can be calculated for the additional costs of corona protection measures. It amounts to €1.50 per prescription and can be claimed from 05 May to 30 September on every prescription that is billed.



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