The capital market is not only dynamic, but also extremely complex. On the one hand, new financial products are constantly being created and, on the other hand, there are numerous consumer protection regulations that are intended to regulate trading in securities and protect the consumer. Consumers and entrepreneurs are dependent on competent advice from their bank and often give it a vote of confidence.
The banks have legal consulting resources that bank customers cannot access. Unfortunately, this imbalance often leads to customers not being sufficiently informed about possible risks. They purchase financial products that they would not have bought if they had received sufficient advice. In these cases it is necessary to reclaim the damage incurred from the banks as quickly as reasonably possible.
In order to balance the balance of power, we are at your side as lawyers for banking law and help you to assert your interests in an economically sensible way. We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have in dealing with your bank or investment advisor, and are available to assist you in the event of losses that have occurred.


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