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The foundation and management of a start-up is usually characterized by phases of development with many ups and downs. The development is different for every company and many difficulties can arise on the long way. As a rule, the following six phases can be identified, which every start-up goes through in the course of its growth – in each of these phases we are happy to support and advise you on all legal issues that arise:

Orientation phase

The orientation phase takes about 1-3 months and includes the finding and first implementation of the ideas. This is particularly concerned with questions such as market potential and target groups. For your business idea a rough and preferably innovative concept is created.

Planning phase

In the planning phase, approximately from the 4th to the 12th month, all the necessary preparations are made to set up the company. This ranges from the development of a business plan to various market analyses and studies in order to substantiate the foundation planning. This should include a precise planning of strategies and goals. In particular, the legal form, as well as the location, accounting form and pricing policy must also be chosen and the first financial partner must be selected. Even at this early stage, liquidity, budget and financing are aspects that should not be neglected, and we are happy to support you in these areas.

Foundation phase

In the foundation phase, the actual start-up is finally established. This takes place towards the end of the first year and includes the market launch of your company. In this phase, the previously established business plan is put into action. This phase is probably the climax and the most exciting part of the whole development, but can also quickly lead to the first low blows. Here we would like to support you especially regarding the legal part. We offer you support in setting up a company and advise you on all emerging legal issues so that you have enough time for other emerging tasks such as customer acquisition and press relations.

Establishment phase

From about the first to the third year of start-up, young entrepreneurs can usually start production or begin to provide services. Now the first revenues are finally generated and your company enters into operational business. The originally set goals can be implemented more and more and the start-up can be consolidated in the market. It is now also possible to hire the first employees. Again, legal questions and problems may arise, starting with the drafting of employment contracts, in which case we are happy to assist you.

Growth phase

The more the start-up grows, the more internal differences can become a problem. This may result in the need for restructuring or reorganisation measures. Should such measures become necessary, we will gladly help you and organize the necessary steps. We are also happy to advise you on employee management and acquisition.

Maturity phase

After many ups and downs in the course of setting up and consolidating your start-up, you have arrived in a consolidated position after several years of hard work and have time to orientate yourself increasingly towards future markets and sustainable growth. Of course, we are still at your side in this phase in an advisory capacity and are committed to long-term cooperation.

Venture Capital

In connection with the establishment of a start-up, so-called “venture capital” can also be an option not to be ignored. This means the financing of young companies by investors. The investor accepts a certain risk of loss in order to invest in the development of the young company. The support is often not only financial, but often also logistical and idealistic support. Ideally, the investor receives a multiple of his investment back in the course of the development. If you would like more detailed information on the subject of venture capital, we will be happy to advise you and organize the modalities together with you. Our goal is to find individual solutions tailored to your company in order to assist you in implementing your idea.

External Legal Department for your Start-up

As part of our legal expertise, we would also like to offer you the possibility of an external legal department for your start-up. This gives you the option of contacting a consultant assigned to you at short notice at any time, who will advise you on all legal issues that arise and who is always available to answer them. If necessary, your questions will be coordinated within our office in order to answer all questions comprehensively and professionally. In addition, we can also take care of receivables management and debt collection for you.
If you outsource your internal legal advice to us, you will save a large amount of personnel costs and can rely on comprehensive advice and support in a wide range of areas of civil law all year round. You also benefit from a high degree of planning security and, of course, from the experience of our specialist lawyers.
We are happy to establish a long-term cooperation with you in order to get to know the particularities of your company and to adapt our work to them, but we also offer project-related advice in individual fields of law upon request. Depending on your requirements we will put together an individual offer for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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