Services for flight attendants and pilots

For “flying personnel”, we offer a wide range of consulting services for this special professional group of flight attendants and pilots. We are happy to support crew members in cabin and cockpit in all industry-specific tax issues.

An income tax return can be particularly worthwhile because of the high income-related expenses for flight attendants and pilots.

Digital collaboration enables us to easily exchange information even with people who are constantly on the move globally. We offer you comprehensive advice on all your tax matters in order to provide you with the greatest possible advantages.

Of course we offer our services for all common tax returns, which may be relevant for pilots in addition to their income tax return. This includes, among other things, the turnover tax return, the trade tax return, the inheritance tax return or also the accounting and the turnover tax advance returns.

Of course, we will also provide you with business management advice, e.g. in the case of self-employment or commercial sideline activities or renting and leasing. We are also happy to support our flight attendants and pilots in tax, business and legal issues in connection with the acquisition of real estate assets. We are also happy to accompany you to financing discussions at your bank and are always at your side with our expertise.

Are you planning to move abroad as a flight attendant or pilot? Talk to us in advance and we will help you avoid tax pitfalls and show you the options on the basis of which you can make decisions.

Do you have questions about training costs? Here, too, we can provide you with comprehensive advice on the tax assessment possibilities.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We are at your disposal for a telephone or personal conversation. Do you only want the digital exchange? We also offer you solutions here.

Income related expenses

For pilots and flight attendants there are numerous special advertising costs. We would like to give you a rough overview of these already here:

Travel expenses

Expenses for travel to training courses, staff meetings or, for example, visits to other departments can be tax deductible. This can result in high costs, especially for flight personnel. The decisive factor here is the location of the first place of work, which is usually specified in the employment contract at the main airport (the base). For an overview, it is advisable to draw up an overview of all journeys in order to be able to claim all facilitations.

Travel documents

Due to regular travel around the world, there are repeated costs for applying for the necessary travel documents such as visas and passports, which can also be claimed. The travel costs incurred must also be taken into account. Apart from the initial application for a passport, the only prerequisite is that it is necessary for professional reasons.

Workwear and cleaning

The cost of clothing worn for work is generally also deductible. Although this topic is controversial so far, because the uniform is not worn privately, the deductibility can be assumed. Included are also cleaning costs and all own contributions. However, this does not apply to those items of clothing which are considered to be part of the private sphere of the staff, such as the stockings and shoes of a flight attendant. We will be happy to advise you in detail and discuss with you what exactly is deductible. Expenditure must in any case be substantiated in detail, but lump sums may also be claimed.


On business trips, meals are usually eaten in hotels and restaurants, which in some countries entails the obligatory payment of tips. These can also be deducted for tax purposes. Both flat rates and individual receipts can be claimed for this.

Additional catering expenses

If you work more than 8 hours outside your first place of work, additional expenses are generally deductible. These can be claimed as lump sums if the employer does not already reimburse the tax-free part. Whether this is the case with you, we check individually for you. However, the shares reimbursed by the employer are also deductible.


If flights have to be prepared at home for lack of other premises, certain amounts can also be claimed for this. The general conditions for recognition for tax purposes must be met. A maximum of 1,250 euros can be claimed for an office.

Suitcases and travel utensils

In some cases, the cost of suitcases can also be deducted, unless they can actually be used privately. This is to be assumed in any case for pilot bags, because they are only used for professional purposes. Therefore, deductible advertising costs may also be incurred in this case if the corresponding receipts are available. A division into private and professional expenses is also conceivable. What exactly is deductible depends on the individual case. We will be happy to advise you individually on this.

Telecommunication costs

Likewise, costs incurred for the use of telecommunication services for fixed network and smartphones can be claimed if, for example, one is on call. A flat rate of a maximum of 20% of the costs, or a maximum of 20 euros per month, which can be claimed is applicable.

Other income-related expenses

Incidentally, all other advertising costs, including those incurred in other sectors, can be applied. We would be pleased to check with you in individual cases what savings can still be made in your case. These may include, inter alia, education and training costs and language courses, account management fees, trade union or association dues or lump sums for work equipment, etc.

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